Helen Dewhurst | Social Constellations
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Social Constellations

social interventions, conversations + workshops

Collaborative creation of physical interventions and workshops for ‘Structures of Community’ Symposium 2023 on socially engaged practice.


‘Social Constellations’ are a series of physical chair-based interventions, holding structures for conversations and facilitating social gatherings.


Individuals were invited into a workshop and conversation environment, to reflect on ideas of creative ‘sustenance’ and to imagine and construct the ‘support structures’ artists within the local creative community needed, after the Pandemic. Alongside conversations, individuals engaged in a collective making activity, resulting in a woven fabric piece, threaded with thoughts and records of conversations, reflections and wishes, collated throughout the day.




Social Circles – Brighton Socially Engaged Artist Peer Group
Resolve Collective ‘Summerhouse’ Installation

Brighton CCA, University of Brighton