Helen Dewhurst | TRANSIT
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Sensory, data-generated, sound experience


TRANSIT is a live, sensory experience of an airport as tactile sound, via its data, intended as an accessible, immersive, moving sound installation, for public space.


How can you experience an Airport from another place?  The project worked with data from Gatwick Airport, AI and local weather, developing a vibrational sound chair and data-directed tactile, soundscape in collaboration with deaf/partial hearing individuals, creating a sensory experience of the airport, its changing mood and activity.


In times where the future of air travel is uncertain, the project explores the physical relationship between our bodies and an Airport, bringing us in closer contact with the systems that surround us.


Helen Dewhurst   Artist/Concept
Jeph Vanger   Sound Design
Andrew Lea   Artificial Intelligence Data Scientist, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Brighton
Baran Elitez   Data development


Supported by:
University of Brighton DRIVA Arts DRIVA ‘Superfused’ Collaboration Award 2020


Funded by:
The European Regional Development Fund
Arts Council England’s Creative Local Growth Programme